Call for curatorial projects

to be exhibited at Hungarian Contemporary Architecture Centre - KÉK

The Hungarian Contemporary Architecture Centre - KÉK is launching a call for curatorial projects delivered by young architects and curators and exhibited at KÉK project space.

The Hungarian Contemporary Architecture Centre - KÉK is an independent professional organisation founded in 2006 with the aim of opening new perspectives in architectural and urban thinking in Hungary.

The 33.3 m2 program enables young professionals to gain experience in curatorial practice and project management through the design and delivery of a specific project.

The program provides the opportunity to showcase 1 project per season, the present call aims to select to curator of the 2019 exhibition.

The theme of the project can be chosen by the applicant;
linked to one of the following approaches:

Candidates can approach the chosen topic from the angle of any related discipline (architecture, architectural history, theory and practice, landscape architecture, urbanism, visual arts, engineering, art, design etc.); interdisciplinary approaches which go beyond the limits of individual fields are also welcome.

The successful candidate can develop the project through with personalised mentoring, which will be implemented by 30 November 2019 in cooperation with the organizer of the program.

Time frame for the project: July-November 2019

Project budget:

the selected project will receive financial coverage of 1.000.000.HUF (EUR 3,000).

KÉK offers:

Conditions of participation:

The submissions will be judged by an international jury.

Members of the jury:

Jana Pavlova (founder, VIPER Gallery, Prague), Grzegorz Piatek (architecture critic, researcher, Warsaw), Matevž Čelik Vidmar (director, MAO, Ljubljana), Dániel Kovács, (curator, KÉK), Daniella Huszár (program manager, KÉK)

The entries will be validated by submitting the fully completed application and all required documents.

Documents required for the application:

The applications may be submitted electronically by 31 July 2019, to the email address In “Subject” please write “33_Application_Applicantʼs name”.

Deadline for submission: 31 July 2019 midnight

Announcement of Results: August 2019

The project space of KÉK consists of 2 rooms. One is used as a coworking space, the smaller inside room as the small 33 m2 exhibition space that can be used for the exhibition project.

For details see the attached floor plan and pictures at this link.